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Rural Tranportation
13 December 2011

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Former of Telagana
11 December 2011

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Dry Land of Telangana
9 December 2011

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Mass Rally for Telangana
5 December 2011

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29 April 2010

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Dubai Mall
27 April 2010

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25 April 2010

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21 April 2010

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Abu Dhabi City view
17 April 2010

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Emirates Palace
31 March 2010

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Mall of the Emirates
26 March 2010

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Just A Scene
25 March 2010

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30 November 2008

Recent Comments

J on Dubai Creek -2
Hey. What kind of birds are these?

Nigel on Rural Tranportation
Nice image

mimicy on Former of Telagana
Instant de vie au dur labeur ....

Nigel on Former of Telagana
A hard life ....nice documentary shot

Sien on Former of Telagana
It is hard work on the country! Especially if everything by hand and not machined Beautiful shot, well done

Ralf Kesper on Former of Telagana
Really well made documentation.

Soheil on Mass Rally for Telangana
great photo nice shot

PRASHANT on Mass Rally for Telangana
Great event...

Jhani on Telangana Matry's Memorial
than x for comment soheil

Soheil on Telangana Matry's Memorial
nice shot well done

Kamal Ahir on Palm Dates - 3
Nice fruit....i love its tates so much....& if you are intrested to buy barahee type dates pls contact us...we r ...

Jhani on Abu Dhabi City
Thanx. This was shot @ break water, in front of Marina Mall.

Eccentric on Abu Dhabi City
hi... its a really nice shot but can you tell me the name of this area ??

Amol katkar on Catwalk
Jhabi Bhai kidhar hooo kuch tho reply do thumara indya ka Mbl no do ........... wating for your reply

Tamara on Emirates Palace
What a beautiful night shot ! Really magic !

Curly on Slippers
A tighter frame without the blacks on the right may just have had more impact. Don't they call these things Crocs?

Tamara on Slippers
Lovely colorful composition !

leif hagen on Abu Dhabi Corniche
Are the jetski drivers taking a coffee break?!

Curly on Abu Dhabi Corniche
I just feel that the composition might have been stronger if you had got closer to the jetskis in the foreground and ...

Anneka on Ducks
Lovely shot. They're cute too

T. Becque on Dubai Metro
This is a fantastic photo - the composition is great with all the vertical and horizontal lines!

Bill on Dubai Metro
Wow, that is a fantastic train.

leif Hagen on Dubai Metro
That's a great urban photo! SKYSCRAPERS!

PIXistenz on Dubai Metro
Very futuristic scene.

Salar on Emirates Palace
The horizon is tilted, the image is slightly blurry, and the composition lacks foreground interest.

Curly on Abu Dhabi City view
Nice view, was it seriously taken from this corniche?

Curly on Emirates Palace
Terrific night shooting, nice colours and great colour temperatures.

sawsengee on Emirates Palace
beautiful night shot.....wonderful lights, colours & water reflection well captured

fabrizio on Abu Dhabi City view
interesting pov, nice use of light

Siddiq on Abu Dhabi

SupraSonic on The Dome
Lovely shot

SupraSonic on Abu Dhabi Night view
That is creative.Nice shot

pixelshots on Abu Dhabi
hi, nice shot. Would like to know about the photo gears you using. A photo blogger from Kerala, the South Indian state. on Abu Dhabi City Road
very very interesting pics how nice if i there some day

daniel on OB
I like super!

Curly on Abu Dhabi City view
You make Dubai look more and more interesting by night.

Jeff on Dubai Metro Station
This shot looks painted. Nice.

paolop on Abu Dhabi Night view
nice compo, lovely photo!

Mário Martins on Abu Dhabi Night view
nice night shot! Have tried at the end of the day? it should get fantastic colors!

Emily Michelle on The Dome
This is fantastic!I love the composition and the colors.

Emily Michelle on Abu Dhabi Night view
Gorgeous! I love the silhouette.

Macrobaby on Abu Dhabi City
A beautiful place. on Abu Dhabi Night view
this is a fabulous image. great composition and truly magical at night

krishna on Nature Art
WoW!!! great texture.

krishna on Dubai Metro
Of course!!! Good perspective shot!!!!

krishna on Abu Dhabi City
Hi great angle.

Christophe Esnard on Abu Dhabi City
Is it down town ?

Sriram on The Dome
Amazing light beautifully framed.. great shot.. well done!! Beautiful tones too.

roy on The Dome
Beautiful and sharp plate of artfully edited this building

Leif Hagen on The Dome
Wonderful, artsy photo! LOve the magnificent detail!

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